Guaranteed Sales Program

We Guarantee we can sell your home or we will sell it for FREE!

Your participation in the NVS Real Estate, Inc.'s Guaranteed Sales Program, hereinafter sometimes referred to as Guaranteed Sales Program is predicated upon our mutual agreement and acceptance as outlined below:

  • We agree that the initial listing price will be a price that NVS Real Estate, Inc. can support with current market comparables.
  • We agree on the probable sales price for your property will be.
  • We agree on the initial listing term.
  • We agree that the property location and condition is conducive to normal marketing conditions. Specifically this means that based upon NVS Real Estate, Inc.'s inspection the property does not contain adverse marketing factors such as facing a major street, backing up against a railroad track or major street or freeway or commercial or industrial properties, hazardous conditions such waterways, dumping grounds, dilapidated properties or neighborhoods. NVS Real Estate, Inc. reserves the sole discretion to accept a property's condition and location or to reject a property for purposes of offering the GuaranteedSales Program.
  • Failure to mutually agree to these conditions effectively voids the Guaranteed Sales Program.
  • If we agree to the above items, then NVS Real Estate, Inc. will guarantee the sale of your property with the term of the initial listing contract at or above the probably sales price or we will sell your property without being paid the seller's agency commission. Seller will still be liable to pay a sales commission that represents the portion that would be paid to the buyer's agent.


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