Seller's Incentive Club

         Are you an Agent looking for great home for your Buyer?  This club has been set up to help attract more agents like yourself to certain qualified properties listed by NVS Real Estate, Inc.  Qualified properties will be listed on the MLS with a special remark adding the property to our club.  Below are the details and restrictions of the exclusive Buyer’s agent club.

        Each year, on or about August 1st, NVS Real Estate, Inc.  will host our annual drawing of a random entry of Realtors that have closed one or more qualified transactions for a prize of $2,500.00!  Each time you close a qualified transaction, an entry will be placed in our annual drawing "barrel".  The more NVS Real Estate, Inc. listings you close, the more entries you have and the BIGGER the chances are of winning the prize! You can enter as many times as you close a qualified transaction on a property listed through NVS Real Estate, Inc.

          Notification of the annual drawing will be given to all entries on or about July 1st of each calendar year.  The drawing will take place at the time and place designated on the annual notification.  You do NOT have to be present to win.  But you give your express consent to allow your information to be used for marketing purposes in connection with this drawing and other marketing activities NVS Real Estate, Inc. undertakes without limitation to time frame.  Withholding your consent will void your entry(ies) for the drawing. 

            A qualified NVS Real Estate, Inc. listing will have a special notation on the MLS listing.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Agents licensed with NVS Real Estate, Inc. are not permitted to enter.

            Entries are valid for one year starting August 1st and ending July 31st of each calendar year.  To be valid, the transaction must be closed and funded by 5:00 pm July 31st.